Stahl & Kessler is an independent law firm specialized on commercial issues. 

Predominantly we are counsel to and accompany small and medium sized companies in a variety of industries, and their owners. Corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and follow-up regulations as well as contract, employment and insurance law are our areas of expertise and practice.

We adopt a „best practice“ approach in everything we do.The focus of our work is counseling, starting with a realistic analysis and concluding with a recommended action plan.

Justice does not appear from nowhere; sometimes you need to
fight for it.

We accompany you in negotiations or at court, but do also operate „behind the scenes“, all the while knowing that there is a right time for everything: for negotiations and bargaining, for compromising – but also for disputes and confrontation.

We willingly resolve your actual issues but are basically interested to establish a long-term, confidential relationship to our clients, as we made the experience that success increases with the perpetuity of a client-attorney relationship.

We are perfectly aware: 

legal issues do also comprehend a time and an economic component.

We work as a team, which very much includes our client. And as we intend to continue this tradition we will remain what we became – the experienced, customer-oriented law firm with clear focuses.

Clarity up front is better than disputes afterwards.

Our lawyers are joined by a team of competent notaries public, who certify und notarize legal transactions in the areas of commercial and corporate law, real estate, marriage and family, as well as testamentary and inter vivos trusts. We will use our expertise as lawyers to discuss as an independent counsel the structure of the legal relationship between the parties to such notarization.

Sound consultations start with listening.